MIM Services

Take Control Of Your Workers’ Compensation Costs!

Looking for superior service, greater claims control and pricing? Consider the Metalworking Industries of Michigan Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation Program (MIM W.C. Fund).

Our group program has a track record of providing outstanding coverage and a generous dividend return (averaging over 30% per year) on your “premium” dollars.

Since its inception in 1981 our Group has provided coverage to hundreds of companies.  the collected premium level is in excess of $6,000,000 and growing.  Our members represent the best in our industry with an average experience modification of just 0.81.

Here’s How We Do It


The MIM W.C. Fund utilizes specialized underwriting requirements which enable us to enroll only metalworking companies that are actively managing their loss control and safety programs to reduce claims costs.
We feel that a strong safety education and claims management commitment at the corporate level equates to low claims exposure for the entire fund. This allows us the opportunity to potentially make larger returns of surplus premiums.