Classifications Covered

Metal tube
If your company is involved in the metal manufacturing process, there is a good chance that you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of MIM membership. Here is a comprehensive list of SIC’s included.

Governing Classifications

1925 Die Casting
2790 Pattern Making
3066 Sheet Metal Shop
3076 Firewood Equipment Mfg.
3095 Tool Mfg. — Highly Automated
3113 Tool Mfg. — Not Drop or Machine Forged
3114 Tool Mfg. — Not Machinery or Finishing
3115 Tool Mfg. — Dies, Jigs or Fixtures
3131 Button Mfg.
3132 Bolt or Nut Mfg.
3145 Screw Mfg.
3146 Hardware Mfg.
3257 Wire Mfg.
3306 Heat Treating — Electrical Induction
3307 Heat Treating — Metal NOC
3341 Casting Mfg.
3365 Welding or Cutting
3372 Electroplating*
3400 Metal Good Mfg.*
3628 Machinery Mfg.
3629 Precision Machine Parts Mfg.
3632 Machine Shops
3634 Valve Mfg.
3635 Gear Mfg. or Grinding
3638 Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg.
4459 Plastics Mfg.
4484 Plastic Molded Products
5538 Sheet Metal Work
9501 Industrial Painting*

The majority of payroll or principle function of the business must be covered by one of our Governing Classifications. Most secondary classifications will be covered by our program. 

Estimated payrolls and codes utilized to quote annual premium will be subject to an annual audit or loss control survey to verify proper classification of payrolls.

*Any company meeting our minimum underwriting criteria may be accepted pending a positive loss control survey with the exception of codes 3372, 3400 and 9501, which must have a survey conducted prior to acceptance and are subject to preapproval by the Excess Insurance Carrier.

Under special circumstances, we may be able to accept companies with an aircraft or marine exposure. Contact the MIM Fund directly for more information.