Top 10 Reasons to Join MIM

  1. Members may have the future opportunity to receive dividends and refunds of interest income and excess premium after claims and administrative costs.
  2. Claims are managed aggressively.
  3. Highly competitive base rates.
  4. Citizens Insurance Co. and Citizens Management, Inc. provide excess insurance coverage and claims management services.
  5. The Fund works closely with its members to implement loss control measures and sponsor workshops to reduce claims against the Fund, thus increasing potential premium returns to members.
  6. Reduced claims expense through active safety enforcement programs, annual loss control/industrial hygiene surveys and information networking.
  7. Members can take an active part in the claims process by participating on the Board of Trustees or attending Board meetings when claims involving their company are being discussed.
  8. Experience modifications are individually calculated using our own formula.
  9. Client retention averages 10+ years.
  10. Members are kept apprised of important industry and business changes such as the Americans with Disability Act, MIOSHA updates and the latest safety programs.